Applications Of Shade Net:

agro shade net
Agro shade Nets

Agro shade nets are used for green house and poly house. Crops are protected from direct sun lights and UV rays, storms. Mostly gerbera, rose, carnation, capsicum is cultivated under those nets.

construction net
Construction Nets

Construction nets are used for safety of workers and used for building under constructions. Every building has construction above 2 to 3 floor, so worker safety is necessary. The net is covered around the building so the worker can safely work for outer part of building.

fish pond net
Fish Pond Nets

Now a day’s fishing farming is done on large scale in India, so the fish must be protected by fish pond net cover around the pond. Fish must get protected from kingfisher, birds, and other harmful reptile that eat the fish from pond.

floriculture net
Floriculture net

Floriculture is fast growing business and has greater demand. The net is used for shade in which flower like gerbera, carnation rose are cultivated. The atmosphere is controlled as per the requirements.

poultry net
Poultry Nets

The hatcheries and poultry farm has greater demand of poultry nets; here the cheeks are developed in the room where the temperature and atmosphere are maintained. Small cheeks are covered by the nets and only required sun lights are passing by the nets. These cheeks are converted into finished goods.

cattle shade net
Cattle shed

Cattle shed useful to keep animals under the shade were temperature is control by avoiding direct sunlight. Animals are not kept in closed room they are only kept under roof where free air ventilation is useful to avoid animal diseases and make them strong with good productions.

nursery net
Nursery Nets

Nursery net used in plant nurseries for protection of small plants in nursery. here due to protection and resistant of sun light it increases the photosynthesis capacity of plant only required light are transformed by the nets by which growth and quality of plants is unmatchable.

garden net
Fencing Nets

Fencing for agricultural crops, nurseries are required to protect the crops and plants. Our shade net is also used as fencing which protect crops from animals entering into fields.