shade net

Benefits of Shade Net

Shade net or poly house farming is mostly use for cultivation of crops under protected environment or under a roof. The concept is simple to protect the crop from by the natural calamities which are storms, hail, heavy rainfall and a direct sunlight. A crop cultivated under the shade net is color capsicum, flowers like gerbera, carnation, rose and the quality of product cultivated in under net is unmatchable.

There e are various benefits of shade nets, these shade nets are available in two colors which are green and white, here some agricultural crops or flowers are can’t grow properly in direct sunlight or direct on land, they required control temperature for best result. Crop cultivated under the shade net has good yield than outer one, these show the most useful benefits of net.

shade net

• Helps in cultivation of flower plants, foliage plants, medicinal and aromatic plants, vegetables & spices.

• Protect a crop from wind, heavy rain, hail, sunlight, birds and small insects.

• Used in production of graft saplings and reducing its mortality during hot summer days.

• Helps in creating favorable micro environment for production of Vermi compost.

• Helps in quality drying of various agro products.

• Used for raising nurseries of fruits and vegetable.

• Helps to enhance yield during summer season.

• Used for hardening tissue culture plants.

• Protection against pest attack.